With the opening of the mine in Bor, Serbia contributes with 18% of gold and copper in Europe

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The Minister of Mining and Energy, Zorana Mihajlovic, stated today that with the opening of the Cukaru Peki mine in September, Serbia will participate with 18% of the production of gold and copper in Europe.
Earlier, they said that we did not need RTB Bor, that the mine should be destroyed, just as they destroyed factories. This is not just a question of the city of Bor, but of the entire district, Mihajlovic pointed out for TV Happy.
President Vucic and the Government of Serbia have made a plan and now, together with Chinese partners, we are moving towards production that is growing by 13%, Mihajlovic predicted.
The Green Agenda brings growth and development
The Minister of Mining and Energy of Serbia, Zorana Mihajlovic, stated today that the green agenda will bring Serbia economic growth, new jobs, reduce energy consumption and reduce the bad impact on the environment.
“The green agenda has not existed since yesterday, but for several decades, and Serbia is moving towards the realization of that vision. We are also in the process of energy transition. That does not mean that we will close thermal power plants, but we should have a plan on how to switch to capacities that produce enough energy and use renewable sources in 20 or 30 years,” Mihajlovic told Happy TV, her Ministry reported.
She pointed out that the green agenda does not mean losing a job.
“No one has ever said that we have to close thermal power plants by 2030, but we have to think about alternatives, especially when we have in mind the carbon tax that will be introduced,” she said.
Mihajlovic pointed out that the Government has a plan to work on the construction of a plant for wastewater treatment, cleaning of illegal landfills, and at the same time on the construction of new capacities in the field of energy and mining, in order to provide enough energy and preserve the environment.
“Small hydroelectric power plants are being built in all countries, and in our country, the people have rightly lost confidence, and that is why we have filed charges against the former minister and director of the Institute for Nature Protection. In six years, they have not passed an important rulebook on the biological minimum, there have been omissions in the realization of projects, conditions have changed all the time,” she said, Danas reports.