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Zastava ready for overhaul of 149 Kuwaiti tanks

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The Kragujevac-based plant Zastava Arms is ready to join the overhaul and modernization of 149 M-84 tanks that former Yugoslavia exported to Kuwait.

The value of this job is estimated at about USD 400 million and it is expected to gather several companies from Serbia and the region.

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Zastava Arms CEO Rade Gromovic says that Zastava Arms participated in the production of that tank as a supplier of the armament subsystem – a 12.7 mm heavy machine gun, as an anti-aircraft machine gun.

– As an actual manufacturer of that article, we are ready to completely participate in that job, in the domain of the needs of the overhaul of that armament subsystem, in partnership with our strategic partner Jugoimport SDPR, which will be the job holder – said Gromovic.

He said that the dominant market for the Kragujevac-based arms factory was any market supplied with arms through the United Nations (UN), adding that Zastava Arms was an accredited and licensed supplier of arms and military equipment to the UN forces.

– These are primarily the markets covered by peace forces in the region of the Near East, Iraq, Afghanistan and African countries – said Gromovic.

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Gromovic pointed out that the interest in the long-range sniper Black Arrow in foreign markets was huge.

Beside the Army of Serbia that has placed an order for a certain number of Black Arrow snipers, the Ministry of Defense of Indonesia, the Ministry of Police of Jordan and several other countries have also signed agreements on delivery of these rifles so that this year’s complete production has already been sold in advance.

Zastava Arms will this year continue to equip the Army of Serbia with M21 automatic rifles. “The fact that our army has adopted that rifle is an exceptionally important reference for all potential buyers world wide”, says Gromovic.



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