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5G network will be available next year to users in Serbia

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The general director of Telekom Srbija, Vladimir Lučić, announced today that the 5G network will be available to users in Serbia next year because the company has prepared for it and pointed out that the implemented base stations already support that network.

Lučić explained that Vodafone is a partner for the development of digital services and that, when the 5G network is launched, a certain number of services will be launched so that, as he said, people can see the benefits of 5G services.

This, he emphasized, is not only for fast surfing the Internet and playing games, but also has a large application in industry.

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“Serbia is the host of Expo 2027 and there will be vehicles with automatic control, and that is a great advantage of the 5G network because there is very little signal delay and automatic driving is possible,” Lučić said.

He emphasized that Serbia is approaching the figure of around 1.5 million households that use optical connections, as well as that high-quality Internet is a basic condition for the development of digital services.

He also said that there is a clear correlation in Europe between the percentage of development of the optical network and the increase in gross domestic product (GDP), which means that quality internet increases the possibility of developing the entire economy.

Lučić also emphasized that he is proud of what Telekom Srbija has done in the last five years, primarily in the construction of an optical network, which is considered very important in the development of the fourth industrial revolution in Europe.

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We were practically at the bottom of the European ladder and now we are starting to grow rapidly, and in addition, the quality of our mobile network is improving, said the director of Telekom Srbija.

In response to the comment that Telekom’s results were praised by colleagues from Croatia, he reminded that this Serbian telecommunications company has completed the investment cycle of building optical infrastructure, that it has managed to transform itself, that in addition to income from the Internet, it also has significant income from television, as well as that started to produce digital services through the fund.
“We practically made a transformation of Telekom that some large telecommunication companies have not yet done, and with that the future of our company is actually secured,” Lučić pointed out.

He also stated that it is particularly significant that Telekom Srbija’s investments are at the level of banks, and that the company’s indebtedness is at the level of telecommunications averages.

Lučić also reminded that the strategy Telekom Srbija had contributed to the company overcoming two major crises, the corona virus and the economic crisis due to the war in Ukraine.

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