American and European companies are invited to invest in the construction of a nuclear power plant in Serbia

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The director of JKP “Belgrade Power Plant”, Rade Basta, called on foreign energy companies to invest in Serbia.
He said that energy security, economic development and the efficiency of environmental protection have long been basic and interconnected goals due to which no national economy today can state that it is “energy safe”.
Namely, what can be concluded is bipolarity – some have ways to reach energy at an ever higher and difficult to maintain political price, and others huge stocks of energy resources with which they want to dictate future global development, said Basta.
“Serbia, as one of the countries of Southeast Europe, has a good geostrategic position that it should use in the field of energy in order to achieve strategic and national development goals. Globally, about 15 percent of electricity is obtained from nuclear energy. Out of 450 nuclear power plants in the world, one third is in Europe. 60 new reactors are currently being built, and Serbia is surrounded by a dozen nuclear reactors at a distance of 400 kilometers,” he said.
He adds that Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary have nuclear power plants, and all of them are either building or preparing to build new units, and less than 70 kilometers from the border, Hungary is building a new reactor in Paks.
“Therefore, I believe that the moratorium on the construction of nuclear power plants in the Republic of Serbia should be lifted and the possibility of attracting investment for its construction should be considered, given the great value of such investment and the transfer of knowledge and technology that we do not have and funds that are ready to strategically and invest in such a large project with the Republic of Serbia, because I believe they can recognize their long-term interest, and the Republic of Serbia will get a reliable partner and additionally ensure energy stability which will be the main challenge in the coming decades,” said in a written statement the director of JKP “Belgrade Power Plant”, Rade Basta, B92 reports.