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Chicken Meat from BiH to be exported to Serbia? - Serbia Business

Chicken Meat from BiH to be exported to Serbia?

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Minister of Agriculture in the Government of Serbia Branislav Nedimović and Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of BiH Mirko Šarović stated that the most important thing agreed upon during their meeting was the abolition of the restrictive measure for the export of beef from Serbia to BiH.

“Today we made an important and major agreement in the field of agricultural products. We will no longer have problems with the export of beef and beef products,” Nedimović said.

Minister Šarović added that BiH will abolish the restrictive measure for the import of beef and meat products and milk from Serbia to BiH today.

Šarović added that they also solved all issues pertinent to the export of chicken meat from BiH to Serbia. Minister Nedimović emphasized that BiH is the biggest partner of Serbia in CEFTA and that only in the export of agricultural products Serbia will achieve the amount of 400 million EUR this year, with a suficit of 350 million EUR.

Nedimović and Šarović also spoke about the establishment and expansion of channels for the movement of goods and that they also discussed the bridge near Bratunac.

“We will have two new channels for exchange of goods, and that will increase the exchange,” said Nedimović.

After the bilateral meeting, a Memorandum of technical cooperation in the field of agriculture between the two ministries was signed.