Chinese companies have invested about $ 217 million in environmental protection after taking over the copper mine in Bor

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After taking over the copper mine in Bor, Chinese companies invested about 217 million dollars in environmental protection, and in August 2021, a new system for collecting and desulphurizing flue gases in the smelter was built, says Liu Kai, economic adviser at the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade.

Liu points out that the new system has greatly reduced the concentration and amount of sulfur dioxide emissions, and basically solved the problem of air pollution that has plagued the city of Bor for many years.

“Environmental protection is not the best, only better, and companies are still investing,” Liju told Tanjug, adding that after the technological transformation of the smelter is completed in the second half of this year, air quality in Bor will be significantly improved.

He notes that the company has invested and plans to invest a large sum of money to help the government deal with problems from before the arrival of Chinese companies that are not within the responsibility of corporate governance.

“By the end of 2021, Chinese companies have directly and indirectly created close to 10,000 jobs, which is a positive contribution to the economic and social development of Serbia,” he said. Liu pointed out that in recent years, cooperation between China and Serbia has been developing rapidly and achieving visible results, which, he said, has met with broad support from the people of the two countries, and that cooperation between Chinese companies in Serbia and Serbia based on mutual respect it is in accordance with the laws of Serbia, which makes a positive contribution to environmental protection and economic development of Serbia.

“As neighbors of the local population, Chinese companies will always pay attention to the opinions, suggestions and reasonable requests of their neighbors, and continue to live in harmony with and benefit their neighbors. The Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Serbia encourages Chinese companies to continue operate in accordance with the laws of Serbia, actively participate in environmental protection and development in Serbia and encourage the healthy development of cooperation between China and Serbia, “Liu concluded, Euronews reports.