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The President of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić announced the payment of a new 100 euros of aid for young people

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The President also reminded of the support that the state provided to the oldest

The President spoke about the economic crisis caused by the war and the situation in the world, but he underlined that Serbia has stable public finances.

– Inflation is higher than we expected. We have stable public finances. On June 1, 2 and 3, young people will receive another 100 euros, which is an important support for young people – said Vučić.

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He also reminded of the support that the state provided to the oldest.

– We paid 20,000 to pensioners. Bread costs 46 dinars. In Croatia, it will go for two euros, somewhere it will go up to 10, and it will jump everywhere. Bread will become a luxury food, but not for Serbia. Milk is also better priced, oil, the best price in the region. You can’t even buy it somewhere. Spain, Italy, now Greece. We still have significant quantities for export, in addition to our consumption – says Vučić, Srbija Danas reports.

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