“The best students from April 1 on internship in government agencies”

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The Minister of Finance in the Government of the Republic of Serbia, Siniša Mali, announced today that paid internships for the best students in state bodies and public services will begin on Friday, April 1, which is one of the ways for the state to help them in professional development and later find employment.

“The government has adopted a conclusion which gives consent to the student, who is enrolled in one of the last two years of basic academic and integrated studies in the school year 2021/2022. year at each higher education institution founded by the Republic of Serbia, which achieves the best overall average by the last semester, provide student internships in state bodies, bodies of autonomous provinces and local governments, as well as in public services starting from April 1 this year, said Minister Mali.

He added that the internship will last for three months, ie until June 30, with a maximum of 20 working hours during the working week, and the signing of a contract on student internship is also planned.

Siniša Mali also said that a total of 127 students will start their internship, of which 34 are from the University of Belgrade, 23 in Novi Sad, 20 in Nis, 10 in Kragujevac, 7 in Pristina with temporary headquarters in Kosovska Mitrovica and 33 from the State University of Novi Pazar.

Minister Mali pointed out that the students themselves decided in which state bodies they wanted to do their internship, and that they could choose between ministries, administrations within ministries, local government units, public companies, institutions and other users of public funds.

“Three students will start their internship in the Ministry of Finance, and one in the Tax Administration, and I am sure that they will gain significant experience and the necessary knowledge that will help them in their further education and career,” said Siniša Mali.

The Minister also reminded of other measures agreed with students in order to improve their position, including the introduction of a student card, expansion of the “My First Salary” program, a larger number of budget places in master’s studies for certain categories of students.

“In the previous months, we had very intensive conversations with representatives of student organizations because we wanted to hear what students want, what they need, what will be useful to them during their studies, and what will help them for future employment. One of the results of these talks is the introduction of a student card that students would receive with the index. The idea is to provide students with various discounts – in numerous shops, cinemas, theaters, at sports events, “explained Sinisa Mali.

When it comes to expanding the “My First Salary” program, the Minister explained that the goal is to change it so that it includes final year students who could then apply for the offered jobs and be selected by employers.

Also, added Siniša Mali, it is planned to introduce scholarships for socially endangered students, as well as more budget places for master’s studies. He specified that for the first time it will be envisaged that master’s students in vocational studies will be financed from the budget, as well as that budget places for affirmative measures will be provided for master’s academic studies at faculties (students with disabilities, members of the Roma nationality…)

We believe that all these measures are good, that this is what students want and will help them improve their position, because they will have the opportunity to gain professional knowledge and experience that can be of great importance to them in future employment and make them more competitive on the labor market “, concluded Minister Mali, Blic reports.