Chinese tourists are increasingly interested in visiting Serbia

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Belgrade is the most interesting place for Chinese tourists in Serbia, and besides Kalemegdan and Skadarlija, more and more of them like to enjoy the slopes of the mountains of western Serbia, ride the Sharganska osmica railway and visit Drvengrad. This can be seen from the data that in 2019, a record year for Serbian tourism, there were eight times more than five years earlier.
The director of the Tourist Organization of Serbia (TOS), Marija Labovic, stated that in 2019, Chinese tourists, with over 270,000 realized overnight stays, were second in total number in relation to all foreign tourists.
”Our promotional activities in China gave excellent results and we have not stopped with them, considering that it is important to be the destination of choice when the conditions for travel are met. What we have as information from China is that Chinese tourists see us as one of the five destinations they want to visit first when the conditions are right,” said Labovic.
In the first quarter of 2021, Serbia had 32,000 overnight stays of tourists from China.
“We hope that in the coming period, when Chinese tourists start coming in larger numbers and their stay will be longer,” said Labovic.
In Serbia, in the first quarter of 2021, more was achieved – 1.7 million tourist nights, which is a drastic increase compared to the 2020 pandemic, but a decrease compared to the record year 2019.
“This year, as part of our campaign under the slogan “I choose Serbia”, the main subject of our promotion is active vacation and vacation in nature, cultural and historical heritage and gastronomy, because these are generally the most sought after tourist products,” said the director of TOS.
Domestic tourists mostly choose mountain centers and spas, Kopaonik and Zlatibor, respectively Vrnjacka Banja and Sokobanja, and that the parties decide to tour Belgrade, where more than 50 percent of all overnight stays of foreign tourists are realized in the capital, Radio Sto Plus reports.