Country has saved 16 percent of electricity since the beginning of the month

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In 17 days of October, about 16 percent less electricity was consumed than in the same period last year, and for the last seven or eight days, Serbia has not imported electricity, which is extremely important for the country’s budget, Minister of Mining and Energy Zorana Mihajlović told Tanjug today. 

“The state has provided everything that is needed and depends on the state when we talk about electricity, we have ensured that we have and will receive certain amounts of additional coal, and that we are financially stable enough to be able to import electricity when we need it”, said the minister.

Regarding gas, Mihajlović says that the Banatski Dvor is full, as is the storage in Hungary, and that we also get gas through the Balkan Stream.

“We also secured everything related to oil derivatives, we built additional warehouses, we now have gasoline and diesel, LPG, kerosene and fuel oil, and everything in a few months. We have provided heating plants with everything they need, regardless of whether a heating plant or a city has repaid its debt and had the money to pay for it”, said Mihajlović.

Regarding her participation in the new government, the minister said that she does not know if she will be part of the government, but that she certainly wants to discuss what is expected of her before that. 

“I cannot say whether I will be in the government or not.” I want to have a serious talk with the people who will lead the government, first of all with the president, about what is required of each minister and whether I see myself in that government or not, and whether I can fulfill those expectations,” Mihajlovićeva said, Danas reports.