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Do foreign investors see Serbia as a suitable country for investment?

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For 20 years, a publication has been published that should be a guideline for the Government of Serbia on how to improve the business climate in the country. Since 2003, the Council of Foreign Investors has collected its praises, complaints and proposals in the White Book (FIC), which essentially, on an annual basis, summarizes the current state of our economy and economy.

This year, investors stated that the Government listened 29 times, because so many of their recommendations had progress, 78 recommendations were fulfilled to some extent, and 276 of them were practically ignored, because no progress was made in those recommendations.

Investors also say that there is a possibility to reduce the economic gap between Serbia and the EU, if the economic growth would be seven percent per year. However, this year it is estimated that it will be 2.5 percent.

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Interlocutors of the Euronews Center agree that the climate in Serbia is attractive for older investors. They say that the offer is wide and good, that there is an educated and favorable workforce, that the procedures are simple for those who want to invest, and that there are subsidies provided by the state.

However, on the other hand, they state that economic growth cannot be achieved only through foreign investors, but also through the domestic economy. They state that because of this, a radical reform of state-owned companies is needed in the form of privatization, major reforms, but also the closure of some companies. This, they say, along with old investments and the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises, can round off the complete story of good economic growth.

What are the advantages of Serbia?

By the way, the Council of Foreign Investors consists of more than 120 companies from all over the world that have so far invested 44 billion euros in Serbia and directly employ 115,000 people. Their goal is to improve the business climate by proposing certain reform proposals.

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The Director of the Council of Foreign Investors, Aleksandar Ljubić, explains that the White Book of Foreign Investors is primarily a summary of recommendations in one place.

“I would not say that it is a White Book of foreign investors, but of the Serbian economy. It applies to large and small companies, domestic and foreign. It is a list of recommendations on how to improve the situation in Serbia. What is specific is that which is written by old investors. There are no third parties, but people who have experience. They are very competitive in the market, but they have the same goal, which is to work together and make money,” he said.

On the other hand, financial consultant Vladimir Đukanović adds that the White Book is one of the confirmations that Serbia is a good place to invest, and states that there are several reasons for this.

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