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The greatest increase in the value of investments in the real estate sector, investments in IT and media exceeded 1.2 billion euros

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Realized investments in total fixed assets in Serbia in 2022 are higher by 16.2 percent compared to the previous year, while investments in new fixed assets show a growth of 16.4 percent, announced the Republic Statistical Office (RZS).

When it comes to the value of realized investments in fixed assets, the greatest growth was recorded in the field of real estate business – investments in 2022 were higher by 74.1 percent compared to 2021. Namely, the total value of investments in fixed assets in 2022 is EUR 88 million, while a year earlier it was EUR 50 million.

Another sector in which an extremely high growth in the value of investments in fixed assets was recorded is “Information and communications” – in 2022 it achieved an increase of 70 percent compared to 2021, and the total value of those investments exceeded 1.2 billion euros.

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It should be kept in mind that this sector, according to the Regulation on Classification of Activities, includes “production and distribution of information and cultural content” in the broadest sense.

This means that within “Information and Communication” there are activities such as information technology, software publishing, film, series and sound recording, broadcasting and production of radio and TV programs, telecommunication activities and other information services, and even publishing newspapers and books.

High rates of growth in the value of investments in fixed assets were also recorded in the areas of health and social protection (increase of 46.7 percent compared to 2021), mining (growth of 38.7 percent), art, entertainment and recreation (32.3 percent ), as well as electricity supply (28.6 percent).

A decline in the value of investments in total fixed assets was recorded in several areas.

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The biggest “minus”, of almost 35 percent compared to 2021, was recorded in the area of ​​traffic and storage, while investments in other service activities were less by about 30 percent. About 22 percent less was invested in the finance and insurance sector, while investments in basic assets in agriculture were also lower by about nine percent.

Observed by region, 56.6 percent of total investments were made in the Belgrade region, 21 percent in the Vojvodina region, 10.2 percent in the Sumadija and Western Serbia region, and 12.2 percent in the Southern and Eastern Serbia region, RZS announced.

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