Economies of Serbia and Croatia are looking for simpler border procedures

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Serbian and Croatian businessmen agreed at today’s meeting that they would ask their governments to speed up the flow of goods across all border crossings between the two countries and harmonize the working hours of Croatian and Serbian border inspection services, the Serbian Chamber of Commerce (PKS) announced.

The meeting was attended by the President of PKS Marko Čadež and the President of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce (HGK) in Zagreb Luka Burilović, who agreed to ask the government to speed up the flow of goods to reduce losses suffered by companies due to long waits and complicated procedures. border crossings.

In the coming days, the expert teams of the two chambers of commerce will analyze the problems of long delays of trucks at the border crossings of Serbia and Croatia in order to speed up trade between companies in the region, which is especially important in the current crisis in Ukraine.

The presidents of the Serbian and Croatian chambers discussed at a meeting in Zagreb the possibilities for establishing 24/7 working hours of all border and inspection services of the two countries, as well as the possibility of establishing a joint railway station in Vinkovci where all border controls on both sides would be performed.

Čadež and Burilović also discussed cooperation in the field of energy and the need to diversify access to energy for businessmen in the two countries in order to enable companies to work smoothly in the future.

The SCC announced that during his stay in Zagreb, the SCC President will meet with Sanja Burić, President of the Board of Directors of the Energia Naturalis Group, which operates the First Gas Company (PPD) in Croatia, to discuss the possibility of joint projects. Serbian and Croatian businessmen in the field of gas supply.

Also, the President of the PKS will have meetings with the owner and founder of the Atlantic Group, Emil Tedeschi, and the Chief Executive Officer of the Board of Directors of the Forten Group, Fabrice Peruski.

As announced, the meeting will focus on further improvement of economic cooperation in the region and new investments of companies.

The SCC reminds that during 2021, trade between Serbia and Croatia, which is Serbia’s 14th foreign trade partner, amounted to 1.337 billion euros, which is an increase of 268.3 million euros, or about 25 percent more than in 2020, Beta writes.

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