Financial support for sugar beet producers of 35,000 dinars

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Sugar beet producers will receive financial assistance of 35,000 dinars per hectare of registered and sown sugar beet in 2023, the Government of Serbia announced.

The adopted Decree states that farmers will be able to exercise this right for a maximum of 500 hectares, for a yield of at least 50 tons per hectare of sugar beet.

Legal entities, entrepreneurs and natural persons have the right to use financial support for sugar beet, provided that they are registered in the Register of Agricultural Farms, that they are in an active status and that they have declared the area under sugar beet in accordance with the special regulation governing the registration agricultural farms.

“The agricultural producer has the right to use financial support if he has delivered the entire yield of sugar beet on the contracted areas to the sugar producers”, it is stated in the Decree of the Government of Serbia.

The request for approval of financial support is submitted on the basis of a public call issued by the Ministry of Agriculture, that is, the Directorate for Agrarian Payments, Danas reports.

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