From the first salary to a permanent job

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Of the total number of young people involved in the first cycle of the “My First Salary” program, 43 percent got a job, and it is expected that at least half of the beneficiaries will get a job after the end of the second cycle

He found out about the “My First Salary” program from a colleague who managed to secure a valid associate in the previous round. In the end, that candidate stayed to work for her, signed an employment contract for an indefinite period, recalled J. from Belgrade. Đokić, the owner of a micro-enterprise that deals with bankruptcies and appraisals, which is why it occurred to him to apply for the new cycle of the “My First Salary” program, in order to provide himself with the right support in his work.

– Anyway, I plan to expand the company. I applied at the last minute, but they haven’t assigned me a candidate yet, in fact I’m still waiting. I saw that so far only one has signed up, which is a little strange to me. I was looking for an analyst, for assessments and damages, so it would be desirable if he had a higher education in economic sciences, although that is not necessary either. Maybe that’s the whole problem, it’s possible that there are no such unemployed people on the records of the National Service – says Đokić. He admits that it doesn’t matter to him whether his future employee will have a university education, how much it matters to him what that person wants, whether he wants to advance, for example to become a bankruptcy assessor or to be just an administrator.

– That’s why it is not necessary for me that he has a higher education, but that the person is bright and wants to work. If she performs well, I will certainly contribute to her earnings, which she would otherwise receive from the state through this program. I have never even looked for collaborators before, because there was no opportunity for that, but this program is really a good thing for all employers, as well as candidates who do not have a job – he believes.

Young unemployed people, up to 30 years old, with secondary and higher education can apply until October 31 for the government program “My first salary” through the portal. There are still a few days left to register candidates for the program, which will enable another 10,000 young people to be trained for independent work in concrete jobs. More than 5,000 employers in the first two cycles, during the past two years, received as many as 18,000 young people for job training. Out of the total number of young people included in the first cycle of the program, 43 percent got a job, and it is expected that at least half of the beneficiaries will be employed after the end of the second cycle.

The authorities note that for nine months of “My First Salary” candidates with high school education will receive from the state a financial compensation of 25,000 dinars and 30,000 with higher education. Funds are paid directly to beneficiaries, through the National Employment Service, and employers can also pay an additional amount.

The goal of the program is to encourage the employment of young people, with prior job training and the acquisition of first work experience, as well as supporting the economy in solving the problem of lack of personnel. The program is implemented by the National Employment Service, with the support of the Ministry of Labor and Employment, the Ministry of Finance, the Office for Information Technology and Electronic Administration and the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia. “My First Salary” received international recognition in Brussels, Politika writes.