The construction of the Linglong factory is suspended

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The Vojvodina Research and Analytical Center (VOICE) unofficially learned that there will be no significant works at the Linglong construction site for the next six months on the spot in Zrenjanin. As stated in the text, allegedly the works are temporarily suspended because the costs of transporting the materials have become too high.

The Chinese manager confirmed that the workers from Vietnam and China have returned home, and VOICE’s source says that almost all the workers have left and that the last group will return home at the end of October.

The workers who returned, it is stated in the text, said that they were sent home because “there is no capital”, and that in Zrenjanin there are only ten workers from China, Vietnam and India “who stayed to clean”.

The Chinese manager said that he is not sure that they will return to Zrenjanin.

“Due to the war between Ukraine and Russia, the purchase of equipment has become more expensive, so we are not sure what will happen. Construction of the factory will continue. This contract has ended, but will continue to work. China Energy is a state-owned company and the government will decide the next steps”, he told VOICE.

VOICE writes that there has been no private security at the entrance to Linglong since Tuesday, N1 reports.

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