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Half of IT companies plan to increase salaries in 2024

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About 53 percent of IT companies operating in Serbia plan to increase their earnings by more than ten percent in 2024, according to the survey “What makes developers work”, which was conducted for the second time by the companies Osiguranik, Infostud, HelloWorld, Team Center and Resilient.

As it is added, there are also companies that plan to reduce earnings or leave them at the same level (15 percent in total), as well as companies that plan to raise earnings by over 10 percent (28 percent), and even over 20 percent (three percent). in 2024.

The IT Industry portal states that the survey included key managers from 120 IT companies and 232 employees from over 170 IT companies operating in Serbia.

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The data was collected during June and July 2023, and focused on four main topics: benefits, remote work, employee well-being support and HR trends. The research is part of a larger project that included 407 companies from 15 different industries, as well as 2,500 employees.

According to the results of the research, the most common benefit that IT companies offer to their employees is the possibility of working from home, which 89 percent of developers have, which is less than last year, when 95 percent of employees in the IT sector had this possibility.

The second benefit is voluntary health insurance, which 71 percent of employees have, and the third is flexible working hours, which 66 percent of employees have.

“Team building” activities and paid education and training are also among the top five benefits that IT companies provide to their employees.

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