Imported products went up by 27 percent

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The physical volume of exports in the first four months of this year increased by four percent compared to the same period last year, but the total value of exports increased by 25.2 percent. The difference refers to the growth of prices of export products of as much as 20.4 percent, the Republic Bureau of Statistics announced.

The situation with imports is even more important for consumers in Serbia. In the first four months, imported products rose by as much as 26.8 percent year-on-year.

The physical volume of imports increased by 9.1 percent, and the total value of imports increased by 38.4 percent.

Natural gas prices rose the most in imports – 2.2 times compared to the first four months of last year.

Coal rose 56 percent and oil derivatives 58 percent.

Base metals from imports are 39.4 percent more expensive, and wood products 37.5 percent.

Metal products are 32 percent more expensive, and non-furniture 22 percent.
Our exporters benefited the most from the increase in the price of oil derivatives by 85 percent, while fishing recorded a price increase of 61 percent, but also a decrease in the physical volume of exports by 35 percent.

It is interesting that in the first four months of this year, compared to the same period last year, the physical volume of crude oil exports increased by 5.75 times with a price increase of 55 percent, while metal ore exports increased 7.7 times in physical volume, but prices of these metals, despite the huge rise in prices of raw materials and metals on the world market, increased by only 3.3 percent.

Food prices rose by 31 percent, but with a small drop in export volumes of 2.4 percent.

Chemical products also recorded a large increase in prices – 41.2 percent, Bif reports.