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Largest boiler in the Balkans put in operation – Investment in Novi Beograd heating plant for better heating in capital city

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The largest hot water boiler in the Balkans, with the capacity of 140 MW, was put in operation in December at Novi Beograd heating plant, eKapija learns. It enables supply of heating energy to over 100,000 households. With the new unit, the heating plant will have the installed capacity of 920 MW, which will strengthen its position of the largest heating energy production unit in this part of Europe.

Fifteen days ago we put in operation a giant unit in New Belgrade. It is a gas-powered boiler, the largest ever made on this territory. The whole unit, the result of a five-year work, now functions completely automatically – Slobodan Janjusevic, the owner of Kirka Suri, the company in charge of planning and the unit and carrying out the works, told eKapija.

Janjusevic points out that putting in operation of this unit ensures a stable supply of heating energy to the capital city.

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– In the implementation of this project we cooperated with Minel Kotlogradnja, Siemens, ABS and many other domestic and foreign companies. The value of this unit is between 10 and 12 million euros – says Janjusevic.

As it was announced earlier, putting in operation of this new unit at Novi Beograd heating plant is one of the main preconditions for closing the boiler room in Sava Kovacevic settlement in Zemun, which uses crude oil as a fuel and is a big local polluter.

Putting in operation of the new boiler is also a precondition for connecting Senjak to the heating system, as well as for closing local polluters – boiler rooms in Vojvode Misica Boulevard, Andre Nikolica Street and Simiceva Street.

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