Modernization and investments in the trade sector in Serbia

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The President of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce (SCC), Marko Cadez, stated today that the trade sector in Serbia expects modernization and digitalization, as significant investments and the introduction of innovations in business.
At the panel “Created in Serbia – Leadership Matters”, which was attended by leading retailers, Cadez stressed the importance of investing in domestic supply chains and products created in Serbia, so that both traders and consumers could adapt to the new way of doing business after the coronavirus pandemic.
“In the difficult period that we went through together in the past year and a half, we managed to maintain the supply and to adapt to the habits dictated by the global pandemic,” Cadez pointed out.
The announcement of PKS states that the confirmation of the quality and new value of the Serbian economy is the project “Created in Serbia – Cuvarkuca”, as well as that out of over 700, 306 were candidates for trade.
“Together, we entered the project ‘Cuvarkuca – Created in Serbia’, with the idea that the act of buying is much more than a simple transaction. That is the attitude about what we care about, what we really want in the world we live in,” said Cadez.
According to him, Cuvarkuca is a movement that gives an answer as to how every citizen can influence the development of the economy and society as a whole.
“When we buy and pay for domestic goods, that act affects what kind of roads we will drive, how many jobs we will have, schools and kindergartens,” said the president of PKS, N1 reports.