Top world companies are racing for business in Serbia

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Today, the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, opened a new German factory in Jagodina
Vucic said at the opening of the German factory “Fischer Automotive Systems” in Jagodina today, that it is a great thing for that city, but that the even better news is that the same investor announced that he would open another factory in Jagodina.
– Fischer said that in the next period, he will look to place a new factory, a dowel factory, not only in Serbia, but just in Jagodina. That is great news for Jagodina, the Pomoravlje district and the entire Serbia – said Vucic.
He added that the investor will have the support of the state in that regard.
Also, Vucic added that the future is in family companies.
After the address, during the joint photographing of all the guests, Vucic personally thanked Fischer, in German, for his attention and understanding, Srbija Danas reports.