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New Mercator logistics and distribution center and 500 new jobs

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This distribution center, the biggest investment of the Mercator-S company in the last 10 years, will be the closest facility of its kind to the very center of Belgrade.

The post-pandemic period has shown the importance of distribution and logistics in the modern world, especially in the light of maintaining supply chains and the normal functioning of retail. Therefore, investments in that part of the business first of all strengthen security, and then strengthen the operational efficiency of retail companies, and this impressive Mercator’s logistics and distribution center in Belgrade becomes a very important development link not only for Mercator Serbia, but also for other companies of the Fortenova group that operate on this market.

In addition to all that, this significant investment received our great support because of the contribution we make to this community through the creation of as many as 500 new jobs in very scarce occupations – said Fabris Perusko, member of the Board of Directors and chief executive officer of the Fortenova Group.

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Zoran Mitreski, as executive director of the Fortenova Group for retail and president of the Konzum Management Board, emphasizes the diversity and importance of development investments in the Fortenova Group’s retail network.

Every investment makes us happy. Although the opening of new stores is the most recognizable investment in retail, the one that everyone notices, without this serious, well-organized and functional back-end segment, no store would fulfill its purpose. Therefore, the opening of this LDC is even more significant. At the same time, this investment is part of the entire range of investments we have in regional retail – from the recent finalization of the takeover of the Franca chain in Montenegro, the opening of new stores in every market, through great successes with AI solutions in retail, and our leadership role in bringing new trends to market, such as the recent opening of the first smart store in this part of Europe – said Zoran Mitreski on the occasion of the opening of Mercator-S LDC Belgrade.

The company Mercator-S will invest more than 20 million euros in the project of opening a new logistics and distribution center in the purchase of modern work equipment, and will employ 500 new warehouse workers and drivers for the needs of the modern center.

The growth and development of our company will be significantly improved by better efficiency and effectiveness of the entire supply chain – said Violeta Kovačević, general director of Mercator-S, and added:

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The opening of the new logistics and distribution center, which is part of the CTPark Belgrade City complex, will be a major turning point in the operations of our trade chain, because we will supply a network of 339 of our stores in Serbia from one center. In the strong development of our retail network, and in the part of logistics operations, the fact that the facility is located in one of the best locations in Serbia, very close to the center of Belgrade, is of great importance.

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