Serbia, At the Product Exchange, turnover decreased four and a half times

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Extremely low turnover was recorded during the week at the end of the domestic commodity market. There was almost a complete absence of demand, but the smaller offer on the market led to a quantitatively smaller volume of trading.

The prices of all primary agricultural products recorded a decline. Only 800 tons of goods were traded through the Product Exchange in Novi Sad, with a total financial value of RSD 32,324,250.00. Compared to the previous week, this is 4.5 times less traffic.

At the beginning of the week, corn was traded at a price of 34.00 dinars/kg without VAT. The near absence of interest from buyers led to lower price levels on the supply side, and in the rest of the week corn was traded at a price of 32.50 dinars/kg without VAT. The weighted price for this week is 33.25 din/kg without VAT (36.58 din/kg with VAT), which is a drop of 2.18 percent.

Statistically, the biggest price drop was recorded for wheat. This cereal was traded in the price range from 34.50 to 37.50 din/kg without VAT, depending on the quality parameters. During this week, there is a higher demand for wheat with a minimum of 10.5 percent protein.

Wheat with a higher protein content of 13 percent was dominant in the offer. The weekly weight is 34.92 din/kg without VAT (38.41 din/kg with VAT), which is a drop of 5.94 percent.

The soybean market has been very quiet since the beginning of the week. This oilseed is traded at the lowest price level in the last four months, according to a regular report from the Commodity Exchange.

Absence of greater interest from buyers and weak supply led to a downward trend in the price of soybeans. Contracts for soybeans, with the calculation of quality, were concluded at a single price of 69.00 dinars/kg without VAT, which is also the price weight. Compared to the previous week, the price is at a lower level by 2.70 percent, Biznis writes.

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