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The Serbian glass factory in Paraćin: Revitalized production launches with domestic deliveries

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The Serbian Glass Factory (SFS) located in Paraćin made an announcement today regarding the commencement of its trial production of packaging glass from the new furnace, which began on May 7. Following this milestone, the factory has successfully delivered its first orders to domestic customers. The new furnace has an optimal production capacity of 270 tons per day, and currently, the factory’s three production lines are filling approximately 350 pallets per day.

After the international glass group Vaider Group acquired the Serbian glass factory at the end of 2022, production had to be temporarily suspended due to the worn-out condition of the old furnaces. Subsequently, extensive rehabilitation work took place over the course of a year and a half, followed by a €50 million investment in modernizing production, with support from the Government of Serbia.

Notably, the production machines from AIS, responsible for shaping the glass mass into bottles, are among the most advanced in the world. These machines enable the production of over 300 bottles per minute at the Paraćin factory. Moreover, they have the capability to manufacture a diverse range of glass packaging, including bottles as small as 10 milliliters to large jars and bottles exceeding 2.5 liters. Additionally, the Serbian glass factory has the capacity to recycle 200 tons of glass per day, with the majority of raw materials sourced domestically.

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Vaider Group’s management aims for the Serbian Glass Factory in Paraćin to emerge as a prominent producer of high-quality packaging glass in Serbia and Southeast Europe, as highlighted in the announcement.

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