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Microsoft director highlights Serbia’s growing role in technology innovation

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Despite a decrease in the number of job advertisements last year, the demand for programmers remains robust, with salaries averaging close to 280,000 dinars in January. Milan Gospić, Director of “Microsoft” in Serbia, underscores the company’s 20-year presence in the country, emphasizing Serbia’s pivotal role as a development center for numerous Microsoft products.

Gospić emphasizes that the IT industry highly values innovation, particularly in the realm of generative artificial intelligence, which has revolutionized both personal and professional spheres. Collaborating with ‘OpenAI,’ Microsoft leads transformative changes, exemplified by the introduction of “ChatGPT,” which signifies a broader democratization of technology.

In Gospić’s view, citizens should embrace generative artificial intelligence as a collaborative tool, simplifying tasks across various domains, from everyday activities to addressing complex global challenges like climate change and drug discovery.

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Reflecting on Microsoft’s two-decade journey in Serbia, Gospić emphasizes the company’s commitment to bringing global best practices and trends to the country. Microsoft actively contributes to Serbia’s IT community development, participating in initiatives such as the Artificial Intelligence Development Strategy until 2030 and investing in innovation and local startups.

Serbia stands out in the region with its own Microsoft development center, focusing on cutting-edge technologies such as data science and digital assistants. Gospić asserts that Serbia plays a critical role in shaping the future of technology, particularly in the era of artificial intelligence, where data serves as the foundation for global platforms like ‘Azure.’

Looking ahead, Gospić predicts a surge in demand for professions in emerging fields such as data science, cybersecurity, robotics, digital ethics, and quantum computing, underscoring the importance of readiness to embrace new technologies in the evolving job market.

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