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Serbia climbs rankings: Economist intelligence unit report highlights business environment progress

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In a recent analysis conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit, the research arm of The Economist magazine, Serbia has secured the tenth position among countries showing the most significant improvement in business conditions between 2024 and 2028 compared to the previous five-year period. The National Bank of Serbia (NBS) made this announcement, highlighting Serbia’s advancement by 0.72 index points, primarily attributed to enhancements in the macroeconomic landscape. Notably, Serbia successfully attracted substantial foreign direct investments directed towards sectors with higher value addition, thus fostering economic growth and bolstering overall investment.

The report underscores the role of reinforced macroeconomic policies and institutions in ensuring market stability. The Economist Intelligence Unit assesses and publishes the business environment index based on 91 indicators categorized into 11 segments, gauging a country’s attractiveness through its business environment.

The significance of this index lies in its projection for the upcoming five years, spanning from 2024 to 2028. Given its consideration of numerous factors predicting future trends, historical data suggests that countries exhibiting notable progress on the index typically experience sustained growth in real GDP, increased investment spending, and continued attraction of foreign direct investments.

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According to the NBS, such assessments by esteemed global publications validate Serbia’s achievements in previous years, wherein the country maintained stable economic growth amidst global crises, coupled with record levels of foreign direct investments year after year.

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