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Innovative strategies to propel Serbia’s economic growth: Insights from the Chamber of Commerce (PKS)

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Marko Čadež, Chairman of Serbia’s Chamber of Commerce (PKS), recently addressed the challenges hindering the progress of micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in Serbia. Despite acknowledging positive developments, including the growth of new companies, Čadež emphasized persistent obstacles such as limited access to finance and a shortage of skilled personnel.

Čadež highlighted the need for proactive measures to address these issues, stressing the importance of tailored financial solutions and workforce development initiatives. He urged collaboration between public and private sectors to foster a conducive environment for business growth.

One key area of concern is the shortage of qualified personnel, which has been a longstanding issue. Efforts to improve workforce training and education are essential for sustaining economic growth and competitiveness.

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PKS has been actively engaged in advocating for reforms to support MSMEs and enhance the business environment. Through initiatives such as the Questionnaire, PKS aims to identify challenges and propose solutions to drive economic development.

Furthermore, PKS is working closely with government agencies and international partners to implement targeted programs and policies. These efforts include promoting digitalization and innovation, which are critical for enhancing productivity and competitiveness.

One notable initiative is the Center for Digital Transformation (CDT), which offers a range of services to support digitalization efforts among businesses. PKS has also developed innovative platforms such as BizChat and Inoverse to facilitate networking and collaboration within the business community.

The recent presentation of the “Questionnaire 1000” highlighted the positive impact of collaborative efforts in addressing key issues facing MSMEs. The findings will inform policy decisions and regulatory reforms aimed at fostering a conducive business environment.

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Moving forward, PKS remains committed to supporting MSMEs and driving economic growth through targeted interventions and strategic partnerships. By addressing challenges and leveraging opportunities, Serbia can unlock its full potential and thrive in the global economy.

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