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Telekom Serbia’s vision: Nationwide 5G coverage by 2027 and AI-driven innovations

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Vladimir Lučić, the CEO of Telekom Serbia, announced today that the state will allocate 5G frequency bands by the end of this year, with almost the entire territory of Serbia expected to be covered by the 5G network by 2027. Lučić emphasized Telekom Serbia’s commitment to preparing for the future through the development of the 5G network and projects based on artificial intelligence.

He mentioned that by the end of 2027, nearly the entire territory of Serbia would be enveloped by the 5G network, and the government would distribute additional frequency bands for 5G by the end of this year. Telekom Serbia is already prepared for 5G development, having acquired a certain number of 5G base stations from companies such as Ericsson and Nokia. Lučić stated that they are eagerly awaiting the allocation of frequency bands to activate the 5G network. He highlighted Telekom Serbia’s collaboration with Vodafone, a strategic partner and the world’s largest operator with the most extensive 5G network globally, to explore various services.

Lučić discussed the potential impact of 5G on autonomous vehicles, mentioning the need for robust 5G coverage and sensors on roads for features like self-driving cars. He foresaw a future where younger generations, approximately 15 years from now, would view traditional driving with manual control as outdated, as autonomous vehicles communicating via artificial intelligence and 5G would render the need for a driver’s license obsolete.

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Regarding Telekom Serbia’s participation in Expo, Lučić expressed the company’s commitment to showcasing an exceptionally high-quality 5G network with additional services by the time of the event.

Lučić also addressed the challenges Telekom Serbia faces in Kosovo, emphasizing that Pristina attempts to undermine Telekom in the southern Serbian province due to its status as the largest company in Kosovo. Despite periodic pressures from Pristina, Lučić stated that Telekom Serbia successfully resists these attempts and continues to operate without issues.

Furthermore, Lučić announced that Telekom Serbia’s fund would finance its eleventh startup in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). He invited young individuals in Serbia with AI development ideas to approach Telekom, as such startups would receive preferential consideration for funding. Lučić highlighted the significance of the new digital revolution, driven by 5G and artificial intelligence, and emphasized that Telekom Serbia is positioning itself to be at the forefront of these advancements.

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