Serbia can be a leader in the development of artificial intelligence

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It is predicted that artificial intelligence will contribute as much as 15.7 trillion dollars to the world’s gross domestic product by 2030, which is an opportunity for Serbia to be a leader in research and for Serbian startups in the field of artificial intelligence to reach billions of euros at a gathering dedicated to the development of artificial intelligence in parliament.
The public hearing on the topic “Artificial Intelligence and Man in the New Digital Age” was organized by the Parliamentary Committee on Education, Science, Technological Development and Information Society.
Director of the Office for Information Technologies and eGovernment Mihailo Jovanovic said that a lot had been done in Serbia in the development of information technologies, reminding that the State Data Center had been opened in Kragujevac, thus fulfilling another task on “Serbia’s Digital Road 2025”.
Much needs to be done to ensure that Serbia can have a data center, a “supercomputer” and a platform for the development of artificial intelligence. “Serbia will be the economic, infrastructural, economic and technological regional leader,” Jovanovic said.
He added that, thanks to the President of Serbia and the Prime Minister, the development of the IT sector, innovation and investment in education and knowledge are one of the priorities.
Deputy Speaker of the Assembly Vladimir Orlic said that Serbia has shown that it has a strategy for the development of artificial intelligence, stating that artificial intelligence is a topic of the future, but that modern centers, the best equipment, new educational programs and institutes in Serbia are already a reality.
“The fact that we are dealing with it today shows how much Serbia is ready to work for its present and to change society, economy and do good, but also to take care of the future,” said Orlić.
In that sense, the Secretary General of the Parliament Dario Kukolj added that the importance of the development of the information society was recognized in our country 10 years ago, so the Assembly recognized that capacity and began to develop its own IT infrastructure, Dnevnik reports.