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Serbia, electric vehicle production possible in 2024

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For now, it is not yet known which specific model of electric vehicle will be produced at the “Stelantis” car factory in Kragujevac, but it is certain that the model will be produced, as preparations for trial serial production are underway, as well as the installation of new equipment. According to Saša Đorđević, the president of the independent union of the factory, the most important thing right now is that the factory undeniably moves forward.

In order to start serial production of the new model, which we hope will be in October 2024, a certain number of units must be made first, which go to the stage of various quality and safety tests for the end customer. Now we are slowly entering that period, but it is not known when trial production will begin, whether at the end of this year or at the beginning of next year. We know that work will be done on new car models, because preparations are underway, but it is not known which model will be produced in the factory – assures Đorđević, and reminds that the public first speculated that it would be an electric “Fiat Panda”. And then the new European “Citroen C3”.

These are all just guesses, because at this moment we do not know at all which model it will be. Realistically, it doesn’t matter. It is important that we work and that there will be additional employment. The factory in Kragujevac is operational, work continues, we have reached the stage of serious planned investment, there is no going back – he notes, and reminds that the most modern world technology is included in the whole business.

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We hope that everything will be ready for serial production in the third quarter of 2024, but on the condition that everything remains as it is now, that it takes place according to the planned dynamics – points out Đorđević, reminding that the work is complex and cannot be finish right now.

There are currently 500 workers working in the factory and all of them are regularly engaged. In the coming period, we will have about 1,000 more new jobs – reveals Đorđević, but when the volume of work demands it and when the factory enters the process of serial production, i.e. when more cars are produced on a daily basis.

In addition to existing and new employees, a group of our workers from Poland and Slovakia will join the colleagues in Kragujevac on the production of the new model, as soon as they return to Serbia – adds the president of the Independent Trade Union of this factory.

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