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A large number of employees in the IT industry in Serbia fear being fired - Serbia Business

A large number of employees in the IT industry in Serbia fear being fired

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Employees of IT companies in Serbia believe that their positions are not stable at the moment and that this has led to more applications for job advertisements, said Marko Vučetić from the employment portal “Hello World”.

However, companies that have their own product are currently in a more stable position compared to those that depend on global projects.

A significant number of employees in IT companies in Serbia announce on social networks that many of the technology companies they work for are announcing layoffs, the Netokracija website reports.

Among the companies that have already dismissed some employees, there are primarily foreign companies that have their development and outsourcing centers in Serbia.

The offer of jobs in Serbia in the last quarter decreased compared to the beginning of the year, when the number of job advertisements at the beginning of the year increased by 27 percent.

“At the global level, at the beginning of the year, there were over 100,000 laid-off workers from these companies, but in Serbia it is good that there have not been such mass layoffs yet,” said Vučetić.

He adds that some jobs are currently unstable because many jobs depend on global projects.

The number of applications for job advertisements in December 2022 was 6,749 compared to December of the previous year, where 5,229 applied.

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