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Serbia gets an alcohol factory in Kovačica

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MK Group announced a new three-year investment cycle of 1.6 billion euros, on the occasion of the jubilee marking 40 years of business. This amount is equal to the total investment of the company in the past four decades. Among the new investments and projects that stand out is the Sunal alcohol factory in Kovačica. MK Group will invest 33 million euros in the construction of a state-of-the-art alcohol factory, which is expected to produce 30 million liters of alcohol annually.

The construction of this factory will contribute to Serbia becoming a significant net exporter of alcohol for the first time. Despite the available resources and market needs, alcohol production in Serbia currently does not satisfy the domestic market, which is why our country is one of the major importers. With its location in Kovačica, the Sunal alcohol factory will operate within the Sunoko company, it will have modern technology and its production will significantly contribute to the development of the Serbian economy.

“We are looking forward to the construction of an alcohol factory, which corresponds to our strategic commitment to further growth and development.” In the Sunal factory, which will cover nearly 11 hectares, alcohol will be produced in three forms – food, pharmaceutical and bioethanol. The planned production of 30 million liters will almost double the amount of alcohol consumed in Serbia on an annual basis, and will ensure self-sufficiency for our country,” said Slobodan Košutić, director of the Sunoko company.

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Corn will be used as a raw material for production, and it is planned to build and store this grain within the factory with a capacity of more than 40,000 tons. The Sunal alcohol factory will be built next to the Sunoko sugar factory in Kovačica, and the planned start of work is expected in 2025.

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