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Serbia is one of the leaders in the Balkans in terms of optical coverage

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Serbia’s Minister of Information and Telecommunications, Mihailo Jovanović, said in Beijing, as part of the Third “Belt and Road” Forum, that Serbia is one of the leaders in Southeast Europe in terms of optical coverage parameters.

“Serbia is one of the leaders in Southeast Europe in terms of the level of development of optical coverage”. “More than 75 percent of households have access to high-speed Internet, and the Ministry of Information and Telecommunications has launched a project whose goal is for the remaining 25 percent of households located in the most rural parts of Serbia to have access to fast and reliable Internet by the end of 2025″, he pointed out. After the meeting, Jovanović met with representatives of Huawei and its vice president, Jef Wang.

The meeting discussed the improvement of cooperation between the company and the Government of Serbia, and the emphasis was placed on the further development of optical infrastructure in rural areas of Serbia, the ministry announced, as reported by Beta.

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Jovanović reminded that for the last six years, Serbia has been actively working on digitizing public administration, developing infrastructure, establishing the State Data Center and the National Platform for Artificial Intelligence with a supercomputer.

The three best Serbian students in the Huawei company’s “Seeds for the Future” program are currently in Beijing , who will stay in Beijing and Shenzhen for the next 10 days. Students will have the opportunity to exchange knowledge with Chinese experts working in research and development centers, as well as other sectors of Huawei.

Jovanović presented the students with certificates and wished them to continue improving and expanding their knowledge.

The statement stated that Huawei is committed to investing in education and developing young talents in the field of information and communication technologies.

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The main goal is to improve the digital skills of young people in order to become part of the modern digital environment, but also to build an ecosystem of information and communication technologies with support and cooperation with all interested parties.

Through various projects, Huawei is building a long-term and sustainable platform for young people in the region and encouraging them to work in the ICT sector, helping their countries build an intelligent society in the region and the whole world, the statement said.

One of the active projects through which Huawei improves the education and position of our students is the “Seeds for the Future” program, which has been implemented in Serbia for more than 10 years, during which the company has selected and awarded more than 150 of the best students from various faculties and universities.

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