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Serbia launches “Center for Digital Agriculture”

The Serbian government is “doing everything in its power to keep young people in Serbia, but also so that those who left the country would return.”

Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic said this while declaring open the Center for Digital Agriculture of Serbia at the BioSens Institute in Novi Sad, northern Serbia, on Monday.

Brnabic “explained that the BioSens Institute is the European champion in research and development and that it won the most demanding EU research and development programme Horizon 2020, and that thanks to it Novi Sad, Vojvodina (province) and Serbia will become the European Center of Excellence for Agriculture,” the Serbian government said on its website.

The government of Serbia, the provincial government, the line ministries and the University are “working together on a daily basis to implement the knowledge of the employees of this institute, she said, and noted that this cooperation has brought results.2

Brnabic “expressed her hope that a cooperation agreement between the government, the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development and the European Commission will soon be signed on the free use of satellite data from the EU, which will become the first non-EU country to have access to these data.”

According to her, the second result is the new building of the BioSens Institute, whose construction will soon begin.

“At the same time, in the last nine months, the quota for enrollment in technical faculties in Serbia was increased by 20 percent, which contributed to the allocation of more money in the budget for education and employment of additional teachers and assistants, but also to expand the capacities of those faculties,” the prime minister said.

Brnabic “expressed her hope that a Scientific and Technological Park of 29,000 square metres will be opened soon in Novi Sad.”

In Nis, a town in southern Serbia – “a startup center for innovative entrepreneurship was completed in 2015, we have a Science and Technology Park in Serbia with 55 innovative and technical companies with a total profit of EUR 10.5 million, and this is a signal that we give to young people, we will invest more and we will be there for them,” said the prime minister..

Head of the Vojvodina provincial government, Igor Mirovic, said that agriculture was “a key lever of economic development and, consequently, the Center for Digital Agriculture is the main tool for launching agriculture throughout Serbia.”