According to Prime Minister Ana Brnabic, Serbia needs 3,000 students to be retrained into the IT sector – but that “quality training is lacking.”

According to the government, she made these remarks while visiting students of the second cycle of the retraining program for the IT sector.

Speaking at the Belgrade Institute of Technology (BIT), Brnabic said that for that reason schools and lecturers who can meet the needs of the economy are urgently needed.

The prime minister noted that the second phase of retraining for the IT sector included 700 participants instead of 900, as previously announced, but that as soon as the conditions are created, the training for the remaining 200 candidates will start.

Investments in retraining are returned to the budget through taxes and contributions after 9 to 14 months, depending on when people are employed, which gives us the opportunity to continue investing in the retraining project, Brnabic stated.

She added that 12,000 candidates applied for the second phase of retraining in the IT sector, which is being conducted in cooperation with the Belgrade Institute of Technology, and that 900 candidates out of the 8,000 tested were selected for the training program.

This program will become an example of a project for hiring and investing in people who are needed on the market, and who need a job that is paid better and offers better prospects, the Prime Minister concluded.

Source; B92

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