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Serbia, New toll prices apply from tomorrow

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The Government of Serbia has increased toll prices, so from tomorrow they will be 14 percent more expensive if they are paid in cash, and by 8 percent for drivers who pay the toll electronically.

The toll for passenger cars on the Belgrade-Preševo section increases from 1,490 to 1,699 dinars, and if paid electronically, the toll is 1,609 dinars.

On the Belgrade-Paraćin section, the toll has increased from 580 dinars to 661 dinars, and for electronic payment it is 626 dinars.

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The toll on the Belgrade-Niš section will increase from 890 dinars to 1,015 dinars, and for e-payment to 961 dinars.

From Belgrade to Leskovac, the toll has increased from 1,020 dinars to 1,163 dinars, and 1,102 dinars for electronic payment.

The Belgrade-Dimitrovgrad toll will increase in price from 1,310 dinars to 1,493 dinars, and 1,415 dinars for e-payment. The fee for the Belgrade-Sid section increases from 420 dinars to 479 dinars and 454 dinars for payment by tag.

On the Belgrade-Subotica section, instead of 640 dinars, drivers will pay 730 dinars tolls, and 691 dinars electronically.

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The toll on the Belgrade-Čačak (Pakovraće) section is 470 dinars, and will increase to 536 dinars or 508 dinars if paid electronically.

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