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Serbia ranks first in terms of growth in income from tourism last year in Europe

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According to the reports of the European Tourist Commission, Serbia ranks first in terms of growth in income from tourism last year, after a period of reduced travel due to the corona virus (we are followed by countries such as Turkey, Romania, Latvia and Portugal), but also in first place in terms of growth in the number of overnight stays compared to 2019 (we are followed by countries like Denmark, Croatia, Greece and Turkey), announced the Tourist Organization of Serbia.

When we talk about the results, many tourist places have not yet reached the results from 2019, and according to the estimate of the WTO, international tourism is on the way to reach 65 percent of the level before the pandemic, while at the level of Europe, that percentage is around 80 percent.

According to data for the first 10 months of last year, there were 21 percent more overnight stays, i.e. almost 11 million overnight stays, which is one million more than the record in 2019. When it comes to foreign exchange inflow from tourism, with more than two million euros for the first 10 months of this in 2019, we surpassed the results of 2019 and achieved an increase of 51 percent compared to last year, according to this analysis.

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