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Serbia set aside 230 million euros in 2022 to increase energy efficiency

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Minister of Mining and Energy Zorana Mihajlovic said today that increasing energy efficiency is one of the pillars of energy development and the process of energy transition.
She said in Kragujevac, where she received the Plaque with the Charter on behalf of the Government of Serbia – the highest recognition of the Faculty of Engineering, which marks 60 years of work, and said that the essence of the project is for Serbia to be energy stable and self-sufficient.
“We have launched two important projects that will improve energy efficiency and increase the use of renewable energy sources, for which we have 230 million euros next year, and the goal is for citizens to feel the direct benefit from that,” Mihajlovic said.
She announced that a new public call for the replacement of carpentry will be announced in January, and that competitions will be announced every two or three months.
“This also applies to subsidies for the replacement of carpentry and solar panels. The essence is to be energy stable and self-sufficient and to use green energy to a greater extent,” Mihajlović pointed out.
Receiving the Plaque of the Faculty of Engineering Sciences of the University of Kragujevac, she pointed out that the Government will continue to invest in education and science, because that is one of the ways for young people to stay and live in Serbia.
The fact that there is no unemployed engineer in Kragujevac speaks volumes about how this faculty works. The tradition should be maintained, because it is not uncommon for a higher education institution to work for 60 years and I congratulate it on its great jubilee. We are improving the conditions so that young people stay to live and create in their country and go together with them as quickly as possible in their economic development,” the minister said.
She assessed that there is no development of one country if universities and the economy are not connected and that this is the path to sustainable development.
“Everything that science provides and that will remain for generations after us has its value only if it protects people and the environment. The connection between the faculty, the economy and the state is the only way to progress as a society,” said Mihajlović, Novi Magazin reports.

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