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Serbia, The road to Surčin is shorter by 10 km

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The Novi Beograd-Surčin section, which will be a connection to the “Miloš Veliki” highway for the citizens of Belgrade, should be completed by the end of March. Earthworks are currently being carried out on the last 400 meters, that is, the construction of an embankment.

“Roads of Serbia” told Euronews Serbia that this road will shorten the journey for drivers by about 10 kilometers, as it will enable them to connect directly to the “Miloš Veliki” highway from Vojvođanska and Ulica Dr. Ivan Ribara in New Belgrade instead of the previous entrance across part of the Belgrade-Zagreb highway.

They state that in the coming days, if weather conditions permit, they will begin removing the existing telecommunication installations near the roundabout and carrying out works on the expansion and integration of Vinogradska Street into the existing roundabout. After the completion of the earthworks, the installation of the first layer of crushed stone aggregate asphalt begins.

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“Currently, 150 people and 100 units of machinery are employed. We are doing our best and working both day and night. We have made a good work plan so that, for now, we are following the planned dynamics. We hope that we will not have any bad weather, which would have a negative impact in terms of our dynamics,” Mutić said.

The Novi Beograd – Surčin section is recognized as an object of importance for the Republic of Serbia. The section represents the connection between the city of Belgrade and the highway E-763 – “Miloš Veliki”, which creates a functional unit of the city roads and the highway E-763, which represents the shortest connection between Belgrade and the Adriatic Sea.  

Projected speed 80 km/h

The length of the section is 7.9 kilometers and it is designed for a speed of 80 kilometers per hour. There will be four bridges and two overpasses on the route. The section will have three 3.5-meter wide lanes in each direction, a 5-meter dividing strip, 2-meter wide pedestrian paths and a 2.2-meter wide bicycle path.

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A commercial contract with the Chinese company China Communications Construction company ltd for the construction of the section from Novi Belgrade to Surčin, worth 70.5 million dollars, was signed in August 2019, and it was then announced that it would be completed by November 2021.

The work on this route was supposed to to start in March 2020, but the start of construction was delayed due to the corona virus epidemic. Work began a year later, in March 2021, with a construction period of 18 months.

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