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Serbia, What do the new amendments to the Law on Renewable Energy Sources mean for prosumers?

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The new amendments to the Law on Renewable Energy Sources, which are before the National Assembly as of today, do not provide for all the reliefs requested by the owners of small home solar power plants and panels, prosumers (buyers-producers of electricity).

Power plant power limit for most households in Serbia that want to install solar panels is 17.25 kilowatts (kW).

However, then the state said that it would reduce it to 6.9 kW, with the explanation that they are protecting citizens from fraud by installers, not to install more than they need, explains Nenad Maričić from Ruma, whose household installed solar panels and became prosumer.

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“Many complained about that proposal, so they relented anyway, so the limit is not 6.9 kW but 10.8 kW, and for most of the prosumers on the list, their power plants are normally 10 kW,” Maričić told Nova Ekonomija.


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