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Serbia, Prices of gas and basic foodstuffs will be limited - Serbia Business

Serbia, Prices of gas and basic foodstuffs will be limited

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The Government of Serbia adopted today the Decree on the temporary measure of limiting the price of gas and compensating the difference in the price of natural gas, procured from imports or produced in Serbia, in the event of a disruption in the natural gas market.

As announced by the Government, during the year 2023, the total needs for natural gas in the country were met from domestic production and imports, and a reliable, safe and high-quality supply of end customers was ensured.

The regulation specifies that the increase in the price of natural gas up to a maximum of 10 percent compared to existing prices will not affect macroeconomic stability, importers and producers of natural gas, but will affect end consumers, considering that for them the purchase price of natural gas will be increased to a maximum of 10 percent.

In order to prevent major disruptions and preserve the living standards of the population and bearing in mind that the market is still unstable, the Government adopted an amendment to the Regulation on limiting the price of oil derivatives, which limited the prices of oil derivatives until May 31.

The government also adopted an amended Regulation on limiting the price of basic foodstuffs in order to protect the market, that is, to prevent instability in the formation of commodity prices, which are extremely important for the supply of consumers, especially the poorer social categories. The grain market, primarily wheat, and thus flour, is not yet stable and further intervention in price formation is necessary until May 31 of this year – the Government’s announcement states.


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