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Serbian underground mine of calcium carbonate and graphite, confirmed highest quality and reserves

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Belkalhan calcite and graphite Serbian based mine location with secured all permits for exploitation and processing, secured expansion of prospect mining rights surface area, invites JV partners for investment development for exploitation of raw materials.

The Company owns the land where the reserves were confirmed, and has obtained the necessary licences to begin mining operations. The quality and availability of the material make this a unique production site in Europe.

• 1.3 million tons of calcite confirmed more including the limestone reserves. High end quality of graphite reserves also confirmed by verified independent laboratories.
• 25 years exploitation rights by 2040 with possibility of extension.
• High quality Calcite rock with 99.6% purity of calcium carbonate.
• 98% whiteness suitable for many industrial uses, including battery production.
• 65,000 tons annual exploitation rights of calcite rock.
• 6.63 ha exploitation field
• 8km distance of the mine from the processing plant.
• The underground mining project is located in southern Serbia, 260 km from Belgrade, and in proximity of main highways and railway.

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The Company has prepared the technological process needed to process the calcium carbonate and graphite found in the underground mine, which will have as an end product, a powdered packaged substance, ready to use by industrial buyers.

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