Serbia’s friendship with Turkey is an additional guarantee for stability and peace in the Western Balkans

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The President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, announced in Istanbul that the President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, will visit Serbia by the end of the year, and pointed out that friendship with Turkey represents an additional guarantee for stability and preservation of peace in the Western Balkans.
After the conversation with Erdogan, Vucic said that it was a very good meeting, which lasted for almost two hours.
“We talked about all important topics, primarily economic, about Turkish investments, how Turkish companies perform works in our country, but also all regional issues and relations between Serbia and Turkey. From bilateral to overall relations and cooperation in all other areas,” he said.
Vucic pointed out that the session of the State Council will follow, which is a higher level in relation to the intergovernmental commission we have with other countries.
He also says that the issue of faster flow of goods and services has been raised, so there is a possibility to consider in the next period how to cross the borders with the least possible documents, which raises the friendship to an even higher level.
He stated that the trade exchange is constantly growing, that last year it was at 1.3 billion euros, and he expressed confidence that it will reach two billion euros very soon, Tanjug reported.
Erdogan supports dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina.
The President of Turkey supports the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina and believes that it is important to reach a compromise solution, Vucic said.
When asked if the relationship between Belgrade and Pristina was discussed at the meeting, Vucic told reporters that they talked about it, as well as about the entire region.
Asked on which topics they stayed the longest, Vucic said that there were many common economic topics, but that they talked about politics and the situation in the region.
“When you talk to someone for more than two hours, it is clear that you have covered all the topics. I am satisfied, every conversation with Erdogan is always useful. Turkey is a big country, 10 times bigger than us,” Vucic said.
He added that he talked with the Turkish president about some things that he cannot share with the public, but which, he says, are important for Serbia, Sputnik News reports.