Support to the domestic economy is a priority for Credit Agricole Serbia

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Crédit Agricole Serbia has once again confirmed the role of a safe and stable partner by providing support to domestic companies in initiating economic development, at a time when society needs it most. The best indicator of this fact is the growth of 18% in financing the economy.
“The core of our business is the principle that we work every day in the interest of our clients and society. In line with this principle, the fact that we are part of a strong Crédit Agricole Group operating in 47 countries around the world with A + credit ratings has allowed us to continue investing in our country’s productivity even in difficult times like the ones we recently experienced. We responded to the needs of domestic companies, we were there for them when they needed it, we invested funds and experience in their development and the best confirmation of this is an increase in loans by 18%, an increase in deposits by 52% and, most importantly, satisfaction clients who are at an enviable level,” said Jelena Pavlovic, Head of Corporate Banking at Crédit Agricole Bank, Nova Ekonomija reports.

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