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Home/News/The crisis will pass, Serbia is more worried about the severe economic consequences

The crisis will pass, Serbia is more worried about the severe economic consequences

As long as this crisis lasts, it will pass, but what worries me are the severe economic consequences that we have to face, Serbian Deputy Prime Minister Rasim Ljajic told RTV Novi Pazar.
The current situation will condition the change of priorities, and now the priority is to help the most endangered residents and the local economy, Ljajic assessed.
“We have to find a way to help local businessmen who are engaged in the textile, footwear industry, furniture industry, small business. There are a large number of craftsmen, many of those shops are now closed,” he pointed out.
“That will be the biggest problem we have to face. The only question is how long this corona crisis will last,” Ljajic noted.
When asked whether Novi Pazar has the human capacity to deal with the economic consequences, Ljajic answered in the negative.
“I admit that we generally do not have the personnel capacity, it is quite devastated. The crisis has exposed all weaknesses, primarily in the organizational sense in various places,” Ljajic pointed out.
When the situation is normal, he added, you can cover it up in various ways, but in a crisis, everything is clear.
“That’s why my appeal is for this kind of community. We don’t have enough people individually, no one, neither as parties, nor as a community living here. We have to draw that human capacity from wherever we can, to make the most of every person who can provide something and Pazar and this community,” said Ljajic, N1 reports.