The Embassy of Denmark is a new buyer of green energy from the Electric Power Industry of Serbia

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An agreement on the sale of Electric Power Industry of Serbia’s (EPS) green energy to the Danish Embassy in Belgrade was signed today in EPS, which increased the number of customers who buy this type of energy.
The contract was signed by the executive director for energy production in EPS, Savo Bezmarevic, and the Danish ambassador in Belgrade, Susan Shine.
Bezmarevic said that the ZelEPS package intended for commercial customers met with a very good response among customers and that in two and a half years, as it exists, in pandemic conditions, the sale of green energy with a guarantee of origin was agreed with 70 customers.
“The sold green energy with a guarantee of origin in 2020 was 10 times higher than in 2019, and this year we continued to grow, so the currently agreed sale is around 650 million kilowatt-hours. The fact that we have agreed to sell 150 million kilowatt-hours more in the last three months alone than in the first half of the year shows how much everything is going in a good, green direction,” he said.
Danish Ambassador Susan Schein pointed out that the green agenda is at the top of Danish priorities, and that was adopted by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and missions around the world, so they follow the green principles.
“We also got involved in the embassy in Belgrade, so we separate waste, we introduced a composter, we try to use as little plastic as possible and now we are switching to green energy, thanks to our cooperation with EPS,” said Shine, adding that she hopes that other embassies and other people will take that path, Politika reports.