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The price of electricity for the economy will not be much higher - Serbia Business

The price of electricity for the economy will not be much higher

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The editor of the “Balkan Energy” portal, Jelica Putniković, stated that, according to the information she has, the price of electricity for the economy will not be much higher than the current one, and pointed out that, compared to other countries, Serbia has created a much better economic environment for industry and the economy in general, because they can to count on a stable electricity price.

Putniković stated for Tanjug that the fact that, in addition to the announced increase in the price of electricity for households from September 1, it was said that there will be no new price increase, it is certainly a kind of consolation for everyone and that they are not afraid that there will be a big price increase in October or maybe later in the winter.

“The price of electricity for the economy should be announced, and according to some of my information, it will not be much higher than the current 75 euros per megawatt hour, so the subsidy for the economy will continue,” said Putniković.

Commenting on the fact that many employers across Europe are announcing that they will put a padlock on their companies due to high energy prices, Putniković said that this is already happening in some countries.

“Leaders of major companies have announced that they will have to stop production, and this could cause much greater economic consequences than just the price of energy because if you stop one chemical plant like BASF that produces raw materials for the petrochemical, pharmaceutical industry, you literally have a break in to the production chain, which is difficult to replace because there are no other producers”, said Putniković.

She reminded that Great Britain had problems with expensive energy products last year and that some small energy distributors were closed in that country.

Putniković also reminded that the European Union brought a package according to which JANAF will not want to transport Russian oil through the Adriatic pipeline, that is, a package which prohibits the maritime delivery of Russian oil to ports, which will apply to the port of Omišlai and to all other European countries.

However, she pointed out that we will have enough oil because we can buy any other oil, stating that we will import it as before from Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia.

“A lot of countries sell oil in the Mediterranean and it can be bought and imported from them,” said Putniković and emphasized that there is no danger and that there will be no shortage of oil and oil derivatives.

She added that the fact that the European Union brought the mentioned package led to the fact that Russia started to sell its oil cheaper, so the price of oil has now fallen and is no longer 120 but around 100 dollars per barrel.