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The price of electricity in Serbia will have to rise due to taxation of CO2 emissions

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The price of electricity in Serbia, sooner or later, will have to rise because coal-fired electricity production has become very expensive due to the taxation of CO2 emissions, Energy Community Director Janez Kopac said.
“As for the price of electricity, it’s always a politically sensitive issue. But it should be added that the current price for households by no means reflects the real cost of production and that in the long run it will probably have to change”, Kopac saud. He also said that when raising the price of electricity, protecting socially vulnerable consumers must be taken care of.
“However, this is not only a problem for consumers, but also for mining environments, as coal production, at least in the EU, and this will sooner or later be reflected in Serbia, is becoming extremely costly due to CO2 emissions being cautious. That is why coal consumption in the EU member states almost halved last year”, Kopac said.
He also said that the new seven-year EU budget envisages extremely large funds for the Fair Transition Fund, which will assist these mining regions in restructuring.
“Such an instrument should be established by Serbia as soon as possible, because sooner or later this restructuring will occur and of course someone has to pay. And I am sure that if there was such a fund at the national level that it would be a good argument to seek additional EU funds for this purpose”, said Kopac, Tanjug reports.

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