The Serbian Chamber of Commerce supports domestic companies that have products for the world market

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“The Serbian Chamber of Commerce (SCC) supports successful domestic companies that have quality products for the world market,” SCC President Marko Cadez said today.
During his visit to Vega IT in Novi Sad and the presentation of the company’s new software solution, “Heartcount”, he said that he was proud of those programs.
“Heartcount”, as stated, enables the company’s management to better understand employees, improve the company’s structure, improve the image of the company as well as the employer and increase profits.
“I am proud of the Vega IT program. Their innovation has created a unique product that essentially encourages the core of every company, and that is the people,” Cadez said, according to PKS.
According to the director of Vega IT, Saša Popović, the software tool ‘Heartcount’ is a strategic partner to the management that contributes to reducing staff turnover and improving productivity.
According to him, the original software solution is an analytical tool and supports HR teams and management to easily and quickly get honest answers in real time and monitor how employees feel at work.
At the presentation, it was pointed out that each employee fills out a short survey on e-mail every week, which refers to job satisfaction, and thanks to that, the management can better understand its employees and improve the company culture.
Vega IT is a domestic company, founded in 2008 by two students of the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad, and today employs 600 experts in Novi Sad, Zrenjanin, Nis, Podgorica and Belgrade. It develops custom software solutions and operates successfully in the UK, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Switzerland, eKapija reports.