The use of green energy is increasingly in the focus of business of Elektroprivreda Srbije

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The use of green energy is increasingly in the focus of business of “Elektroprivreda Srbije” that for more than two years with the ZelEPS package contributes to raising awareness of the importance of renewable energy sources. The ZelEPS package involves the supply of energy from renewable sources that has a guarantee of origin.

Bratislav Dzombic, Director of the Free Market Development Sector in “EPS Supply”, presented the concept of the ZelEPS package to buyers on the free market from the area of Vojvodina. More than 50 eminent commercial customers have learned that the ZelEPS package guarantees customers the environmental origin of electricity, and customers receive an electronic document proving that it is produced only using renewable energy sources.

Bojana Padjen, Assistant Head of the City Administration for Environmental Protection of Novi Sad, on behalf of the Mayor of Novi Sad Milos Vucevic, presented the most important projects of Novi Sad concerning energy efficiency and green energy to the participants of the forum on the ZelEPS package.

– It is important that socially responsible customers who decide to buy green energy offered by “Elektroprivreda Srbije” be aware that they participate in building a healthier environment through environmental business and thus respect the principles of sustainable development – said Padjen.

She announced the development of an energy efficiency plan for 2022 and an energy efficiency program that will define goals, guidelines, activities that will review the current state of energy efficiency in Novi Sad and make some new measures and decisions that will help the area progress in the future.

– The guarantee of origin can be obtained only by producers such as “Elektroprivreda Srbije”, whose production capacities are registered in the Register of Producers from Renewable Sources, with the Ministry of Mining and Energy of the Republic of Serbia. At the request of the manufacturer, the guarantee of origin is issued by the transmission system operator “Electric Network of Serbia”, and EMS became a full member of AIB (European Association of Issuing Bodies) in 2019 and the Serbian market is integrated into the EU market – Dzombic explained.

EPS, as a pioneer, started selling green energy two years ago, and the first buyer of the ZelEPS package was Procredit Bank. In addition to banks, EPS green energy has so far been purchased mainly by companies engaged in industrial production. Large companies such as Lidl, Tiger, British American Tobacco, Zdravlje from Leskovac, Strauss Adriatic, Froneri Adriatic, as well as many others, have recognized the importance of green energy.

– Contracts are concluded as well as conventional ones. No additional paperwork is needed, and the existing contract is not terminated, but is annexed with the same energy price with an additional 0.2 euros per megawatt-hour – said Dzombic.

The number of interested customers for ZelEPS is constantly growing. The sold green energy with a guarantee of origin in 2020 was ten times higher than in 2019. The quantity contracted for this year is currently 50 percent higher than in 2020. With this “green” offer, customers remain loyal to the largest energy company in Serbia, and a number of them recognize EPS’s efforts to keep pace with the European Union and the world.

EPS green energy is produced in 15 hydroelectric power plants with a capacity of 3,015 megawatts, which is 38 percent of EPS’s energy potential, and a third of the total production is realized in hydroelectric power plants. The use of other sources of green energy is also planned, such as wind and sunlight.